Untangling the Mystery of Memory

Brenda Milner in 2011 | Photo by  Eva Blue

Brenda Milner in 2011 | Photo by Eva Blue

How has our understanding of the mysterious tissue between our ears changed in the past 50 years? In her Totally Cerebralepisodes on Transistorneuroscientist Wendy Suzuki introduces us to scientists who have uncovered some of the deepest secrets about how our brains make us who we are.

Wendy begins by talking with groundbreaking experimental psychologist Brenda Milner, who in the 1950s, completely changed our understanding of the parts of the brain important for forming new long-term memories. Through her observation and careful study of patients with profound amnesia, Brenda wrote a paper in 1957 that broke with the accepted theories about memory, and blew open the entire field of neuroscience.