Four lessons in creativity

It was such a thrill to speak at the TED conference in 2012, and I am delighted that my talk has reached more than a million viewers since TED put it on their website!  Here it is: 

My great thanks to the many people who made this possible at TED, at Studio 360, at WNYC and PRI; to Miriam Katin for her wonderful drawings; to Joy Yagid for photographing my little clay pot, and to the artists whose stories I share in this talk.  Thanks also to Seth Godin for telling me I needed to break something (easier said than done!); my friends and family for listening to me rehearse until they knew the talk by heart; Bob Miller, who gave me the chance to write Spark; to Laureen Rowland for her wise and insigtful guidance; Julia Cheiffetz for her thoughtful editing and inspired title choice; to Louise Cort at the Smithsonian for the beautiful photographs of the Japanese teabowls; to Tom Neugebauer for his raku photographs; and all of you who are brave enough to pursue your creative spark!