Working Together: Workshops and retreats 

I have led workshops about creativity and facilitated team retreats all over the world, for companies, conferences, and universities like Edelman, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, College Broadcasters, the Salzburg Global Seminar, Wesleyan University, and NYU.  I teach participants how to uncover their own powerful stories, and enable members of every group to expand their capacity for uncertainty, an essential component not only of creativity but also of all collective enterprise.

Workshop Design and Leadership

I work closely with each client to develop workshops that meet the particular goals of each organization.  The process has three phases.  In the initial Discovery Phase, I conduct a series of interviews with key organization leaders.   These conversations reveal the ideas and goals that the workshop needs to pursue.  In the Design Phase, I create a custom workshop or series of workshops that develop the strengths, challenges, and goals we have defined.  In the Implementation Phase I facilitate the workshop or series of workshops, followed by a post-mortem with the client to discuss next steps.

Retreat Design and Facilitation

Retreats offer creative teams the opportunity to step outside of routines and take a longer view: to see where their work is now, and where it is heading; and to reflect on their individual roles in the collective activity of the organization. When people come together outside of the routines of their "everyday," I can help them not only to consider their own investment in their work, but also to see more clearly the point and potential  they can realize in their work together.  

A few of my workshop and retreat clients:


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