The most resonant stories take time to uncover, and can be told in many different ways.  Here are examples of a few of the ways Triadic Consulting's Julie Burstein employs all of the power of audio to tell powerful stories, from a single-voiced narrative to a podcast with many voices.

A single-voiced Aha Moment produced for Studio 360 from Julie's interview with Steven Holl, who talks about falling in love with the Pantheon.

Julie narrates this story about a dance performance that dives deep into the human heart, for Studio 360.

An interview episode from the PRX podcast Totally Cerebral.  Host Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscience professor at NYU, talks with Neal Cohen about his class at University of Illinois on amnesia and pop culture.

Video is also powerful for sharing resonant ideas.  Julie coached Andrew Solomon as he prepared for his TEDxMet talk, below.  She developed and directed neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki's video, Making it Memorable.