4 Chambers

In choreographer Jody Oberfelder's 4Chambers, we're pulled into the power of the heart by dancers who let us feel their heartbeats -- and make us aware of our own.  In my story for Studio 360, dancer Mercedes Searer offers a visceral experience of being in the piece -- and shows us it's possible to dance on the radio!

An Unexpected Gift

A story I produced for Studio 360 for Fathers' Day, about a corporate lawyer named Ed Zimmerman and his dad, Samuel Zimmerman, who had unrealized dreams of being a writer and a singer, and whose passion for words and music had a profound impact on his son. 


From Vo-tech in VT to Hollywood and Broadway

Throughout the entertainment industry, alumni of a tiny vocational high school program are at work: building sets in Hollywood, mixing sound on Broadway, performing on TV shows like The Office.  They're graduates of the Addison Repertory Theater, (A.R.T.), an incubator for actors and theater technicians at the Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury VT.  I produced this story for NPR.

 Amanda Mandarolla and Bowen Abbey making costumes at A.R.T.

Amanda Mandarolla and Bowen Abbey making costumes at A.R.T.