Program development and production

My first love and longtime work has been listening — to artists, to scientists, to the world around me, observing and asking questions and sharing what I learn through radio programs and podcasts. I have created award-winning programming for PRI, WNYC, NPR, and PRX. You can listen to some of my recent work here. Contact me through this form if you would like me to develop an audio project for you.

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Conversations with Ceramic Artist Legends

If you have the good fortune to spend time with ceramic artists in their 8th and 9th decades, you quickly venture into deep conversations on subjects we all ponder – about wisdom, loss, the passion to create, and where we find meaning.

Watershed Legends Wayne Higby, Jack Troy, and Paula Winokur welcomed us into their studios and homes for our new podcast series, which I had the great pleasure to host and produce. These three artists reveal for us creative lives full of beauty, challenge, and inspiration as they talk about clay, making, and life.

Wayne Higby

Jack Troy

Paula Winokur

Tea Meditations

A daily observation of the world in my garden and my teacup

You can listen here, and follow along on Instagram here.

Work Mysteries

In a few minutes of converstaion, leadership coach Dick Nodell and Julie Burstein illuminate a Work Mystery, offering good-humored guidance and thought-provoking wisdom about the challenges of negotiating the workplace.

Dick Nodell

Dick Nodell

Public Radio Stories

In choreographer Jody Oberfelder's 4Chambers, we're pulled into the power of the heart by dancers who let us feel their heartbeats -- and make us aware of our own.  In my story for Studio 360, dancer Mercedes Searer offers a visceral experience of being in the piece -- and shows us it's possible to dance on the radio!

An unexpected gift

A story I produced for Studio 360 for Fathers' Day, about a corporate lawyer named Ed Zimmerman and his dad, Samuel Zimmerman, who had unrealized dreams of being a writer and a singer, and whose passion for words and music had a profound impact on his son. 


From vo-tech in VT to Hollywood and Broadway

Throughout the entertainment industry, alumni of a tiny vocational high school program are at work: building sets in Hollywood, mixing sound on Broadway, performing on TV shows like The Office.  They're graduates of the Addison Repertory Theater, (A.R.T.), an incubator for actors and theater technicians at the Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury VT.  I produced this story for NPR.

Totally Cerebral

I loved learning about the creativity at the heart of great scientific discoveries when I produced Totally Cerebral with Dr. Wendy Suzuki for Transistor,  a new initiative from PRX.  

Untangling the mystery of memory

The man without a memory: HM

Amnesia and pop culture

What’s that smell? How our sense of smell evokes memory and emotion

How exercise can change your brain — for the better!