The Peabody Committee said "This is great radio" when they awarded Studio 360 a Peabody for our American Icons program about Herman Melville's Moby-Dick.  Under my leadership, Studio 360 received numerous awards, including Gracie, Gabriel, and Third Coast awards.

Media Appearances

When PBS Digital wanted to explore what it takes to be creative, they asked me.


Wonderful response to my Spark Talk at The Met conversation with Game of Thrones costume designer Michele Clapton, artist Miya Ando, and Met curator Pierre Terjanian. including articles in The Guardian, International Business Times, and New York Magazine.

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Praise for Spark: How Creativity Works

From Vanity Fair

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Publisher's Weekly

"Through enlightening conversations, these creative individuals demonstrate how they lift raw materials out of familiar contexts and create art that changes how we perceive the world."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Spark is a beautiful book, enjoyable and filled with life.  It will, however, demand a special kind of reading.  The first time, straight through; the stories require it.  And then again and again, each story one at a time as meditations where you will find yourself contemplating the origin of the little lights, the sparks, which show themselves only when someone special looks within."

Detroit Free Press

"How better to learn about creativity than to talk with some of the world's most creative people."

San Francisco Review of Books

"As Burstein demonstrates time and again, breakthrough ideas (however brilliant) have their greatest impact when anchored in human experience."